How to add and change posts

How to add a post

  • To a add a post, navigate and click on Posts tab as shown below.
  • Then click on Add New.
  • You will land on a page similar to the one below.
  • Inside Add title text field, type in your post title.
  • Below Add title text field, start typing/writing your post information/details.
  • After you have finished typing post information, select a category for your post.
  • The category section is on the right side of the page.
  • You can add new category by clicking on Add New Category link as shown below.
  • Next, upload featured image for your post by clicking on Set featured image section.
  • Finally click on blue Publish button to make your post live on your website.

How to change a post

  • You can make any changes on your already published post by:
  1. selecting another category
  2. re-editing your post title or details
  3. replacing your post featured image
  • After making changes to your post, always click on the blue Update button for new changes to take place.

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